Our Commitment to You

We take pride in what we do, and our patients are part of our family; we care for your children the way we would care for our own. Right here in Dublin, you’ll find the kind of top-quality care you’d expect to have to drive a long distance for, and you’ll find it with doctors who combine state of the art care and technology with old-fashioned values and attention.

We strongly believe that our patients need someone at their bedside who knows them well, whether it is an office visit or a hospitalization. The current trend in medicine is to separate office visits from hospital care, so a patient would see a physician in the hospital who would never take of her or him outside of it. We are convinced that the continuity of care should be the most important value for our patients: you should see faces you are familiar with whether it is a simple office visit or a more serious illness requiring hospital admission.

We answer phone calls 24/7. We offer extended office hours even during weekends and around holidays. We cover ER physician consults. We manage our patients in the nursery and the pediatric ward. Rarely do we transfer patients to other hospitals, unless a specialty care is needed. At the same time, we believe that pediatrics is a specialty of its own within primary care. All our providers undergo vigorous and intensive training that most urgent care providers lack.

We believe in cost-effective medicine; we realize that any needle stick is a stick too many. We only order tests that are necessary and warranted. We explain the results and what they mean to every parent, so they can see our decision-making process.

Our patients are everything to us, and we’ll never forget the incredible gift you’ve given us by trusting us with your little ones. We don’t take that trust lightly, and we find joy every day in watching our patients grow from infants to adolescents; we’re here to care for them every step of the way.