Pediatric Services

Well-child exams

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends regular “well child” visits with a pediatrician every few months from infancy to age 2 years and at least once per year thereafter until adulthood. Even if your child seems perfectly healthy, it’s important for his or her pediatrician to perform a “well child exam” periodically to ensure proper growth and detect any developing problems early. During these visits your child will receive any vaccinations that are due, will be assesses for growth and development, and beginning at age 4, vision and hearing will be checked. Dr. Soos Pediatrics encourages our patients to visit us regularly for well-child checkups; we love to see you, and it’s our job to keep every child in our care healthy and happy.


Vaccines protect your child against many contagious illnesses and life-threatening conditions. Some vaccines require two or more doses; for your child to be fully protected from the disease, he or she must receive every dose. Dr. Soos and staff make every effort to keep your child comfortable and keep shots quick and as gentle as possible. There has been a lot of false information spread about the safety of vaccines, but the medical community firmly believes that immunizations are safe and important. We recommend protecting your child from these preventable diseases through the well-researched and widely-used vaccines available to us. We encourage parents with questions or concerns to speak to us; we are happy to explain our recommendations and guide you in making an informed decision. We will inform you of every vaccine we provide for your child, help you schedule the proper appointments to meet the recommended vaccination schedule, and provide information as requested about the purpose and possible side effects of each vaccine. Daycare and school authorities will require immunization records to be updated as well.

Screenings & assessments

Beyond well-child care, we will work with you to address any health concerns you or your child has, and to diagnose and treat illnesses. We offer on-site x-rays and other screening and assessment tools to find the root of the problem and address the cause.